Maxi's top six moments as a fan


Direct Hit's superstar allrounder Glenn Maxwell looks back at half a dozen 'Maxi's Moments' – classic efforts that he loved watching as a cricket fan

6. Mr Cricket hits the roof (2005)

My number six Maxi's Moment is when Mike Hussey hit the roof at Docklands against the World XI. I remember watching it at home and hearing the sound of the bat sort of echo around the ground. I think Mike Hussey described it when he hit it – it went up into the lights and he couldn't see it, and no-one really knew what was going on. He thought he'd hit it as well as he'd ever hit one, and that it was going to go out of the ground, but back then it was a dead ball! To hit a ball as well as he did there, against Makhaya Ntini, bowling good pace, he collected it right out the middle of the bat and got zero runs for it – pretty unlucky. And for me, the great thing about that moment is that it’s not only Finchy that has hit the roof – he does point out often that he's hit the roof twice, but with the size of bats these days and he's a pretty strong boy as well. But for a guy like Mr Cricket, who is a bit more slender and more of an athlete, for him to have just a beautiful bat swing, to be able to hit the roof was pretty awesome.

5. Handy Cam's spectacular run-out (2007)

So my number five Maxi’s Moment is Cameron White's run-out at Brisbane against England. He ran out Ian Bell – the ball was hit behind point, a bit of confusion as happened with England back then … unfortunately not these days. But in one-day cricket then they were a bit of a mess, and they had a bit of a kerfuffle in the middle of the wicket, and Cameron White was able to get a decent back flick. It sort of trickled along the ground the whole way and amazingly stayed on target and hit the stumps. I still remember watching it and it all seemed like it was in slow motion. The ability of him to while he was on the ground to back flick that and hit the stumps and execute a run-out was extraordinary.

4. King of Spin reigns at the 'G (1994)

My number four Maxi's Moment is Shane Warne’s hat-trick against England. David Boon pulling off a miraculous catch to execute the hat-trick was pretty special. I was probably a bit too young to really understand what was going on, I think I was six back then. But it was a pretty special moment and something that is etched in cricket history and folklore.

3. Pete's heroic hundred scorches Perth (2015)

My number three Maxi’s Moment is Pete Handscomb’s hundred in the BBL against the Perth Scorchers. He hit a pair of sixes to win the game as well, and that was the first time Pete arrived on the white ball scene and showed us that sort of power hitting, and it was just extraordinary. Some of the shots he played I’d never seen him play, even at training. So for him to do that in a game, pressure situation … I remember him hugging Scott Boland at the other end and big 'Barrel' was over the moon and Pete was absolutely cooked, he couldn't even lift his arms up anymore! That was as special moment as I've seen.

2. Punter bounces back in style (1999)

My number two Maxi’s Moment is Ricky Ponting's 197 against Pakistan at Perth in the '99-2000 season. I remember it very well, because I think he started the series off with three ducks, and was able to peel off his typically majestic 197, and ran with that form for the rest of that summer as well. That was something that really sticks strongly in my memory, I remember watching it and just thinking 'How good is this bloke, and what a freakshow he is'.

1. Gilly the Great flays the Lankans (1999)

My number one Maxi’s moment is Adam Gilchrist’s 154 at the MCG against Sri Lanka in the '98-99 season. He opened the batting, teed off right from the get go, they were close to 100 off 15 overs in the Powerplay, they were absolutely flying. For him to just continually deposit the ball into the crowd at the big MCG ground was pretty special. I was actually there, I remember I think in the Northern Stand, with no coverage, getting burnt as a kid. I would have been 10 years old and watching that, that was pretty special. From a very early age I remember watching Gilly and just thinking 'How good would it be to be out there doing what he does?'